The Bait and Switch” Media and Democrats knew of Pakistani Hackers focus on Mueller and Comey’s Russia Gate Instead

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

July, 29, 2017

For the past week, the Daily Caller News Media Association has been laying it all out there, Congressman Louis Gomert (R-T) has talked about in the U.S. Senate.

What do we get? 

Another big nothing burger as neither party has bringing the other party to justice as their focal point.

Why?  Who knows?

Is it conceivable that in the case of those who have made their entire life’s work being members of the U.S.House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate their need for perks and bower are well ahead of the needs of their constituents?

This is particularly pointed when we consider cities and states run by Democrats, they are in woeful shape and have the worst most violent crime. (Source)

Let’s get down to it and discuss, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she has herself to blame for being removed as Chair of the D.N.C.

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